As a leading manufacturer of Tesla accessories, EVAAM has focused on simplifying the shopping experience by providing end consumers with a hassle-free, PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE
Our goal is to provide every EVAAM shopper with a satisfying shopping experience that allows them to get the best quality while getting the best price. The Price Match Guarantee policy is designed to help every customer not spend time looking for discount codes and making tiresome online price comparisons, and have more time to spend with their family and feel good about life.
Policy and Terms
  • If the pre-tax price of any qualifying item purchased by a Premium Member is found to be lower at major online retailers, including Amazon.com, we will match it.
  • Price matching can be applied at the time of purchase or within 14 days of purchase.
  • Price matching only applies to identical items, which includes, but is not limited to, the brand name, color, and model of the item. Item must be new. Used, refurbished, open-box or clearance items are not eligible for price matching.
  • The item must be in stock at a competing online retailer and be eligible to be shipped to the same shipping address during the time period to apply for the Price Match Guarantee. Shipping, handling and incidental charges will be included in price matching.
  • Except for EVAAM exclusive products (see FAQ), all items are eligible for price matching.
How do I request a price adjustment?
Active EVAAM Premium members can submit a request to support@evaam.com with the subject "EVAAM Premium Price Match Guarantee" with a link and a screenshot of the final checkout screen (enter your shipping address) showing a lower price for the same item. Qualified online retailers with this link at low prices. When submitting a request, please use the email address you used to register as a member.
Please note that freebies are not eligible for price matching. In other words, if another retailer is giving away a free promotion "with every purchase x", the EVAAM Premium Price Match Guarantee will not offer the same giveaway.
How does the Price Match Guarantee apply to coupons/discount codes/promotions?
We will match the lowest pre-tax price of major online retailers. Where price matching is required, coupons, including online discount codes and promotions will not qualify.
Does every item qualify for a price match?
All products are eligible for price matching, except for EVAAM exclusives.
Can I match the price of something paid for through financing or installment plans?
Unfortunately, we can only price match items purchased through the standard purchase terms, excluding third-party rewards (for example, signing up for a credit card and receiving a 10% discount).