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The ultimate one-stop shopping platform focused on Tesla aftermarket accessories.

Our mission is to enable owners to maximize the use of their Tesla. Through EVAAM.com, you can buy the best quality parts at the most reasonable price to enhance the convenience and efficiency of using your Tesla.

EVAAM team was established in April 2020, we visited dozens of professional auto parts factories, and learned a lot of experience of different products then used them in the subsequent development and production. In September 2021, the first batch of EVAAM products were finalized and started online sales. The current products are divided into two blocks of practical & aesthetic, involving more than ten product lines.

EVAAM strictly control the source, from product design, factory production, product inspection, and other aspects of meticulous, to ensure that each product to the hands of customers are high quality. Because there is no middleman, so the price is very advantageous. We offer a 30-day money-back policy for Tesla owners to shop worry-free.

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Video is the Answer. In Short, Professional Enough.

An Invitation Letter For You

By A Group of Tesla Enthusiasts

Before establishing EVAAM, we were a group of Tesla owners. We loved Tesla, were loyal to environmental protection, and looked forward to the future. 

So in the face of Tesla's already good experience, we want to pursue something that is simple and personal-let Tesla be a part of us, a part of personality expression, a part of life, and a part of dialogue with the world.

Therefore, we equipped our Tesla with a unique welcome light, which gives us a sense of ceremony when we open the door; equipped with our customized aromatherapy, making the space more suitable for thinking; equipped with a comfortable mattress that perfectly fits the model, making camping more romantic; By the way, we also equipped the key card with a special mobile phone case to save occasional carelessness... We met in the process of transforming Tesla, discussed together, and recommended each other. You will also encounter offline camping or parties, which is very interesting.

A group of people with similar lifestyles gather together with unlimited topics: we discuss new trends in Tesla, share Musk’s gossip, discuss minimalist life, share technology, and discuss life. Bravo!



Sharing a passion for good design and premium products, Lesley and Yunis set out to challenge Tesla Accessories to enhance a better Visual, Auditory and Olfactory experience.

Later, we came up with an awesome idea-can we use Tesla to meet more people who like minimalism and value the quality of life as we do? For example, you who are browsing the website at this moment.

At that moment, we became EVAAMer.

We want to share and produce Tesla accessories made with high-quality materials, sophisticated processing, good design and affordable prices. This is the first step. Then we will build a community belonging to Tesla owners, carry out offline activities from time to time, and share fun things, not just Tesla (of course this will definitely be shared). Finally, we can't wait to share the tips and small gears we have researched with you to improve our lives together; of course, if you have certain needs that cannot be met, you can also tell us and we will consider developing them.

So, this is an invitation letter. EVAAM is eager to set off with you and bring our Tesla! Do you want to travel together?