Tesla Owners Must-Have Guide

Tesla Owners Must-Have Guide

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For new Tesla owners, considerations on how to protect their beloved vehicle, enhance the driving experience, and make their car stand out are all part of the equation. Due to just having taken delivery of your vehicle, you may not yet have a comprehensive understanding of it and may not know where to start. If you're unsure about how to personalize your Tesla to better reflect your unique style, we hope this article can provide you with some inspiration.

1.Tesla Protection Accessories

1.1 Sun Shades Series

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2023 summer's extreme heat calls for the importance of Tesla sunshades in safeguarding your vehicle. They effectively lower the interior temperature, diminish UV rays, and prevent sunlight damage to your car's interior materials, ultimately prolonging your vehicle's life. Wondering why a sunshade tailored to your beloved car is essential? Let's explore the reasons.

  • Shielding Against Interior Wear: Strong sunlight and UV rays can cause your Tesla's dashboard, seats, and interior materials to fade and age over time. Employing sunshades can mitigate UV exposure, ultimately prolonging the life of your car's interior.
  • Safeguarding Dashboards and Electronics: Dashboards and electronic gadgets inside your car, when exposed to sunlight, can be susceptible to high temperatures, potentially causing damage or malfunctions. Sunshades can effectively lower the interior temperature, thereby reducing this risk.
  • Minimizing Interior Fogging and Heat Buildup: During hot weather, the inside of your car can heat up quickly, leading to fogged windows and uncomfortable heat buildup. Sunshades can help lower the interior temperature, reducing the occurrence of these problems.
  • Protecting Belongings: If you keep valuable items such as phones, electronic devices, documents, or food in your car, elevated temperatures can harm them. Sunshades assist in regulating the interior temperature, lessening the chances of damage to these items.
  • Reducing Unpleasant Smells Inside: When it's very hot, the materials inside your car can produce odors, especially in new vehicles. Sunshades, by cooling down the interior, can help lessen the presence of these odors.

In summary, using high-quality sunshades can help protect your car's interior, electronic devices, and other essential items, prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle, reducing maintenance and replacement costs, and providing a more comfortable and enduring driving experience. Therefore, considering an investment in a sunshade tailored to your car model is a wise decision; in the long run, it can offer better protection for your vehicle.

Choosing the right sunshade for your vehicle model is crucial. Here, we provide some options for your reference: 

For Model 3/Y: Sun shade Umbrella, Windshield Sun Shade, Model 3 Roof Glass Sun Shade and Model Y Roof Glass Sun Shade.

For Model S: Roof Glass Sun Shade

For Model X: Privacy Window Sun Shade

1.2 Wheel Rim Protector

Protecting Tesla wheel rims is a crucial aspect of maintaining the vehicle's exterior appearance, and wheel rim protector serve as effective tools for safeguarding the rims. Why do you need wheel protector?

  • Avoiding Scratches and Wear: Wheel Protector serve as a protective shield, effectively guarding your wheel rims against scratches, wear, and damage caused by impacts. They act as a barrier, keeping your rims safe from road debris, road salt, and other substances you may encounter while driving.
  • Mitigating Chemical Damage: Wheel Protector are effective at reducing the harmful effects of chemical corrosion. In colder climates, road salt used on highways can potentially cause corrosion on wheel rims. This protector act as a protective barrier, preventing these corrosive substances from coming into contact with the rims and maintaining their appearance.
  • Easier Cleaning: When you install wheel protector, they can prevent dirt and dust from building up on your wheel rims. This simplifies the task of cleaning the rims, ensuring your vehicle looks its best.
  • Personalized Looks: Wheel Protector usually offer a range of colors and designs, giving car owners the chance to tailor their vehicle's appearance to their liking.
  • Prolonging Wheel Life: Wheel Protector help extend the lifespan of wheel rims by minimizing damage, which, in turn, lowers the expense of replacing them.
  • Reducing Maintenance Expenses: Safeguarding your wheel rims can lead to lower vehicle maintenance costs. Repairing or replacing damaged rims is usually pricier compared to simply installing p

Choosing the right and visually appealing wheel rim protector is highly necessary. Here, we provide you with some reference options:

For Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X (We have several color for you to choose from): Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rim Protector.

1.3 Floor Mat

Purchasing floor mats is essential when you buy a car. The interior of a car is relatively small, and after walking on sandy or muddy surfaces, it's easy to bring in small debris that's a hassle to clean up. However, when you have floor mats, cleaning becomes a breeze. You just remove the mats, shake off the dust or sand, give them a quick wipe, and you're finished. It's a quick and convenient solution. That's why floor mats are considered one of the must-have accessories for new car owners.

Making sure that the floor mats match your Tesla model should be your top priority when you're shopping for them. Here, we're offering some suggestions for you to consider:

For Model 3/Y: All Weather Floor Mats and Double Layer Floor Mat

For Model X: All Weather Floor Mats

2.Enhancing Tesla Driving with Accessories

2.1 Storage Organizer

Tesla's storage spaces are typically open, lacking partitions, which doesn't offer any advantages for organization and keeping the interior tidy. Because many small items like receipts, lighters, and such can easily fall to the floor, if they slide under the driver's foot and interfere with the brake, it could potentially lead to a traffic accident.

Therefore, we recommend that new Tesla owners, after taking delivery of their vehicles, should consider purchasing at least one storage-related accessory, with a priority on the central control area. Here, we recommend a few storage options for your reference.

For center console: Organizer Box, Side Pocket, Storage Tray

For Trunk and Frunk: Cooler Bag, Cup Holder

For Door: Storage Box Set

For Seat: Under Front Seat Storage

For Glove box: Glove Box Storage

2.2 Neck Support Pillow

Spending long hours driving or sitting can cause your neck muscles to tense up. Car neck pillows can be a valuable addition, offering extra support to keep your neck's natural curve, thus reducing discomfort and pain. This added comfort can help alleviate fatigue from extended drives or rides, ultimately boosting your alertness and attentiveness.

Here, we provide a selection of pillow options for you to choose your preferred style:

Leather Neck Support Pillow, Logo Pillow


While Tesla supports wireless charging and comes with two built-in ports, wireless charging can be slower and may cause phones to overheat. Its usage scenarios are somewhat limited, especially for those who want to play games in the car. Two ports and wireless charging may not be sufficient.

If you desire a faster charging experience and more usage scenarios while on the road, we recommend equipping your beloved car with a docking station for convenience. Our recommendation is: Center Console USB Hub and Cup Holder USB Hub.

3.Tesla Styling Accessories

Tesla's exterior and interior designs are already impressive, but as more people become Tesla owners, many enthusiasts aim to make their cars distinctive and reflect their personal style. That's why we suggest considering some small accessories to elevate the quality and refine the details of your Tesla.

3.1 Tesla Exterior Upgrade

3.1.1 Tesla Logo Sticker

Tesla's original silver emblem is quite elegant, but many car owners wish to change the emblem's color to make it more luxurious and match their car's paint.

We offer two options for your consideration:

Emblem Covers: If you don't want to replace the original emblem but still want to change its color, we recommend emblem covers. These can be applied directly over the existing emblem without the need to remove it.

Emblem Replacement Parts: If you want to completely replace the original emblem, we also provide emblem replacement parts, along with installation instructions that require just a bit of patience to make the emblem replacement process easy for you.

3.1.2 Side Mirror Cover

Side mirror covers can effectively protect the original mirror housing from damage and scratches. In tight parking spaces or on busy city roads, these covers can prevent accidental collisions or scrapes with the wing mirrors.

Typically, repairing Tesla side mirrors can cost between $150 and $350. Using rearview mirror covers can reduce these maintenance costs because they can be replaced when the housing is damaged, without the need to replace the entire mirror.

Most Tesla wing mirror covers are easy to install and can usually be fitted without professional assistance. This makes them a simple yet effective customization option.

Furthermore, there are various designs and styles available in the market for Tesla side mirror covers. You can choose the one that suits your preferences and complements your vehicle's exterior.

Here, we provide various types of side mirror covers with different appearances for your reference:

For model 3/Y:Sporty Style, Gloss Real Carbon Fiber and Forged Real Carbon Fiber

For model X: Matte Real Carbon Fiber

3.1.3 Fog light Cover

Using fog light protectors serves multiple purposes, all of which contribute to extending the lifespan of fog lights, enhancing safety, and reducing vehicle maintenance costs. Here are the primary reasons for using fog light protectors:

  • Minimizing the Risk of Damage: Fog lights are usually positioned low at the front of the vehicle, which makes them vulnerable to impacts and potential damage from road debris and other materials. By installing fog light protectors, you add an extra layer of protection to shield these lights from harm caused by such objects.
  • Protecting the Lens: Fog lights typically have lenses designed to scatter light and improve visibility. However, these lenses tend to collect particles and dust over time, which can reduce their brightness and effectiveness. Fog light protectors come to the rescue by minimizing the buildup of dust and dirt, ensuring the lenses stay clean, and allowing the fog lights to perform at their best.
  • Increasing Longevity: Fog light protectors play a role in prolonging the life of fog lights. By preventing damage and reducing the accumulation of dirt on the lenses, they reduce the necessity for fog light repairs or replacements, ultimately reducing the overall maintenance expenses for your vehicle.
  • Boosting Safety: Fog lights are vital during challenging weather like fog, rain, snow, and heavy mist. Maintaining clean and functional fog lights enhances visibility, making driving safer for both the driver and other road users.
  • Reducing Repair Costs: Replacing or repairing damaged fog lights can be quite expensive. Using fog light protectors helps lower the cost of fog light maintenance or replacement because they prevent common damage.
  • Enhancing Appearance: Certain fog light protectors offer a range of designs and colors, not only providing protection but also improving the vehicle's overall look.

We offer several fog light protectors that can give your fog lights a sportier look for you to choose from: For model Y, for model 3.

3.2 Tesla Interior Upgrade

Tesla has done a great job with its interior, but if you want to experience the driving pleasure of a supercar, we recommend using the Alcantara interior series.

Luxury Feel and Premium Look: Alcantara is a high-end synthetic fabric known for its soft, silky texture, and it's often used in the interiors of luxury cars. It can provide a sense of luxury and an exquisite appearance to the vehicle, making the interior more appealing.

Comfort: Alcantara boasts a soft and comfortable texture, devoid of the harshness associated with some hard materials. It remains warm on chilly days and doesn't become uncomfortably hot in sweltering weather, ensuring a superior driving and riding experience.

Antibacterial and Easy to Clean: Alcantara's fiber structure possesses antibacterial properties, meaning it can resist the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping the interior clean. Furthermore, Alcantara is relatively easy to clean and more durable against various stains and dirt.

Sound Absorption: Alcantara also offers excellent sound absorption properties in vehicle interiors, helping to reduce noise levels and provide a quieter riding environment.

Environmental Considerations: Alcantara is a sustainable material that uses less water and energy in its production process, making it more environmentally friendly compared to certain natural materials. This results in a smaller environmental footprint.

Durability: Alcantara is a durable material that is resistant to wear and fading. This means that the vehicle's interior will remain fresh and new even after years of use.

Personalization Options: Alcantara comes in a variety of colors and textures, allowing car owners to choose different combinations according to their preferences.

To sum it up, luxury car makers often choose Alcantara as a top-notch interior material. With some simple accessory upgrades, you can give your Tesla these same qualities. You can take a look at our Alcantara series.

Here are our recommended accessories for new car owners. Thank you for reading this far, and we hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments section. Whether it's about Tesla or anything else you'd like to know, feel free to inquire, and we'll do our best to provide you with answers.

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